Training For Success, Living For Significance

AFTN Elite Coaches Training provides ONLINE training to coaches of all levels.  This training will help coaches TRAIN FOR SUCCESS on the field           and also LIVE FOR SIGNIFICANCE off of it.

The Elite Coaches Training offers online Quarterback training and development.  It also focuses on helping coaches Live A Life Of Significance on and off the field.

The Elite Coaches Training includes:


QB Fundamentals and Drills

QB Specific Agility, Speed, and Strength Training

QB Intangibles: Leadership, Knowledge Of The Game, ETC


CoachHood: Coaching With A Father's Heart

Becoming A Man Of Character, Commitment, and Excellence

 QB Vision: Identity, Purpose, Dreaming For The Impossible


 AFTN Elite Coaches Training has 2 options:

Option #1:  Buy the individual training courses that will take your game to the next level.  Visit the ONLINE STORE HERE to get started.

Option #2:  Become an AFTN Team Member.  You will receive:

        - Unlimited access to the online training courses

        - 1on1 online training with Coach John Dutton

        - Access to AFTN podcasts with NFL and College coaches and players 

Cost:  $50 per month or a one time payment of $500 for 12 months

Click HERE to become an AFTN Team Monthly Member.

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John Dutton- AFTN Director/Coach


Coach John played the quarterback position for 30 years and has coached quarterbacks for 8 years.  He has gained valuable experience at the University of Nevada, in the NFL, and in the Arena Football League.  

Coach John's passion is to see athletes and coaches reach their full potential on the field but also to develop into Men Of Character, Commitment, and Excellence and to become leaders in their homes, on their campuses, in their communities, and in their world.  

For More Information, Contact John at