Training For Success, Living For Significance


Who We Are

Our Mission

To train athletes and coaches for success on the field and to teach them how to LIVE FOR SIGNIFICANCE off of it.

Our Vision

AFTN's vision is to provide elite level training to athletes and coaches all over the world to be successful on the field through sports training, sports camps, and coaches clinics.   

Many times success in sports is defined by wins, touchdowns scored, baskets made, homeruns hit, and how much money an athlete makes.  Many times success is self focused.  

Athletes For The Nations vision is to teach athletes and coaches to use that success they have on the field to be significant off of it.

Being significant is OTHERS FOCUSED.  It is using your time, talents, and treasures to make a difference in the lives of others.  

How We Do This

AFTN trains athletes and coaches through:

  • The AFTN Elite Sports Academy
  • Sports Camps
  • 7on7 Tournaments
  • Coaches Clinics

AFTN teaches how to live for significance through:

  • Knowing Your Why
  • Culture Purple
  • Character, Commitment, and Excellence

AFTN Programs

AFTN Sports Academy


 The AFTN Sports Academy offers athletes and coaches the opportunity to "Train For Success and Live For Significance" through:

-Elite Level Training 

-Sports Camps

-Coaches Clinics

AFTN Team Fundraising


AFTN offers a unique fundraising opportunity for your school, club, or sports program by using the success you have on the field.  The money raised can go to help your athletic program and also help change lives around the world.

Culture Purple


The Culture Purple empowers our "Athletes For The Nations" with vision to lead and compete, from the inside-out.

Our goal is to see the best, and bring out the most from within each competitor.



John Dutton: Executive Director/Coach


John has played football for over 30 years and has been a high school and junior college coach for 7 years.  John and his family have lived overseas in Ethiopia, Uganda, and Mexico.  His vision is to inspire athletes and coaches to use their on-field success to help change lives off of it, both here in the U.S. and around the world.  John has a passion to see athletes and coaches get their eyes off their own accomplishments and have a personal vision of using the talents and blessings God has given them to impact the world. 


Diego Sosa: AFTN Director-Mexico

Diego serves in Puerto Morelos, Mexico developing the Puerto Morelos Tortugas Youth Sports Program as well as doing ministry to develop Coaches that are committed to integrity and character.


Todd Carson: Camp Director/Coach

Todd Carson has been coaching for 30 years. As a 16 year old he was selected to coach in the Kare Youth League ( as part of the Kare Assistant Leadership Program, working with children ages 5-12 where he coached football, basketball, baseball, soccer and track. While attending College he became a head coach in Kare as a member of the Rio Hondo Leadership Academy in southern California. After graduating from Cal Poly University he was hired by Rio Hondo Prep school to teach and coach middle school athletes from 1998-2010 where he coached flag football, tackle football, soccer, basketball, volleyball. In 2010 he moved into the high school program where he head coached JV football, JV basketball and Varsity Baseball and assisted in the Varsity football and basketball programs. In 2018 he moved to Weed, CA with his wife and 3 children and currently is the Athletic Director and head basketball coach at McCloud High School. 


Joey Letourneau: Culture Purple Director/Coach

Joey and his wife, Destiny, have six children and live in the mountains of Northern California. They love to see the best and bring out the most in each person while loving and empowering the world like a father to his kids—through value, love, purpose and belief. They founded The Culture Purple out of their years of experience traveling and living all over the world; speaking, training, writing, consulting and raising up emerging young leaders in sports, schools, organizations, churches, in the slums and on the streets. They have written a number of books and developed specialized curriculum and resources designed to mentor and empower youth in all aspects of society.

Athletes For The Nations

Upcoming Events

Fall 2019

McCloud Loggers Fundraiser

Event Details

Fall 2019

McCloud Loggers Fundraiser

Help the McCloud Football Team use their success on the field to be significant off of it.  Visit

Fall 2019

Jami Loerch Fundraiser

Event Details

Fall 2019

Jami Loerch Fundraiser

Help Jami Loerch use her success on the volleyball court to be significant off of it.  Visit

Jan 24th - 26th

AFTN Coaches Clinic- Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Event Details

Jan 24th - 26th

AFTN Coaches Clinic- Puerto Morelos, Mexico

AFTN is hosting a football clinic for coaches in Puerto Morelos, Mexico and the surrounding areas.