AFTN Team Fundraising

Each year, athletes make 3- pointers, throw touchdowns, score goals, and hit the game winning home run. But is their focus solely on winning and being successful, or is their focus on using the success they have on the field or the court to make a difference in the lives of others?

                                                       Are you living a life of SIGNIFICANCE?

 Athletes for the Nations would like to partner with your sports program by not only helping your program raise money for itself but also helping people around the world. As an athletic program, you will have a chance to use the success your team has on the field to become significant off of it.  You will use the on-field successes to help people around the world. 

                                                   Our fundraising opportunity is simple.

1.  Each athlete on the team becomes an Athlete For The Nations by collecting pledges for a specified "Success" they have on the field or court.  Successes could be touchdowns scored, baskets made, goals scored, etc. 

2.  The athletes play their season and continue to receive pledges.

3.  At the end of each season, AFTN totals up the "Successes" and the money raised goes to help change the lives of people around the world.  

Example: A football team decides to raise money for every touchdown they score during the season.  The team raises a total of $200 per touchdown and scores a total of 30 touchdowns.  The football team would have raised a total amount of $6,000.  

                                                           Where does the money go?

AFTN and your sports program will work together to decide where the money will go. AFTN works around the world conducting sports camps and coaches clinics.  

Just think, what if every touchdown scored, every goal made, or every home run hit would not only help your team win a game, but also change a person's life. 


     For more information, contact John Dutton HERE.

                                                                  Current AFTN Programs

  • Puertos Morelos Tortugas- Mexico (Football, Basketball)
  • AFTN Uganda- Kampala, Uganda (Soccer)
  • HiS Print Ministries- Croatia (Football, Basketball)