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The Culture Purple


What is The Culture Purple?

Helping to empower "Athletes For The Nations" with vision to lead and compete, from the inside-out.

Our goal is to see the best, and bring out the most from within each competitor.

Why Purple?

Purple is a color that has so often defined honor or a royal family line.  In ancient times purple dye was very rare and had to be extracted over time to bring out its true value.  However, few could afford the cost of purple.  

Now, we help people see and extract the value that's hidden within them and see that value become something special they live and give to the world.

The Culture Purple honors each person for the value, identity, and purpose they bring to a community, a team, and the world. 

 Purple helps us empower the best from one another.

Core Values

Your Are Valued

You Are Loved

You Have Purpose

We Believe In You

These are truths that many individuals spend much of their lives living for.  But it's our job as coaches and leaders to help them play from these truths rather than for them.

How do we do this?

We must build a culture for our programs where our players can have this experience, a culture of perserverence, growth, and ultimate success.  

We do this through these principles:


Connection with/to a leader makes the difference.  Is your team serving your agenda, or are they strengthened through personal connection and shared vision?


When we give our athletes vision, they have a new level of buy in.  They are not merely following rules, but are given an opportunity to become a leader in their own unique way within that vision.


To know-and be secure in-who you are as a player and who you are as a team.  


Creating a team culture where you celebrate and champion one another's unique identity within the identity of your program.  You are invested in one another's success.


Building people over systems, long term success over short term results.  How will your program/culture grow them as a player, as a person, and as a team.

Where do we do this?

  • AFTN Coaches Clinics
  • AFTN Training Academy
  • Consultations with coaches

For More Information

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