Where we go

Athletes For The Nations “Trains athletes and coaches for success on the field and teaches them how to LIVE FOR SIGNIFICANCE off of it” all over the world.  AFTN has worked in countries such as Ethiopia, Uganda, Mexico, and the U.S.  We currently are working in four countries.  In every location, AFTN is committed not only the athletes but also the community.  

McCloud, California

AFTN’s homebase is located in McCloud, CA.  Here, AFTN conducts sports camps, works with the local high school teams, and also provides assistance to those in need.  The vision is to have the AFTN Sports Academy in McCloud where it will host camps, trainings, and coaching clinics.  And where AFTN can make an impact in McCloud and also the surrounding areas.


Perto Morelos, Mexico

AFTN is partnered with the Puerto Morelos Tortugas.  The Tortugas are a sports club which offers football and basketball to kids ages 4-17.  The Tortugas not only offer these kids an opportunity to play sports but also teaches them skills for success off the sports field.  The Tortugas also provide assistance to families in need in the Puerto Morelos area.  


AFTN is blessed to be able to partner with HiS Print Ministries.  HiS PRINT Ministries has grown from a single sport ministry to one that includes baseball, football and hockey, and from serving the single city of Sisak to creating footpaths to many other cities in Croatia including Split, Kutina, Zadar, Zagreb, Lekenik and expanding into the countries of Poland, Slovenia and Serbia.  HiS PRINT is also heavily involved in shipping donated sports equipment to those who are in need and request assistance.  Over the past 4 years we have shipped 20' and 40' containers to our location in Sisak, Croatia for distribution to those who come to HiS HOUSE.  We have also shipped directly to Siberia, Slovenia, Hungary, Ukraine, Portugal, India, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Nigeria.


AFTN is currently developing the AFTN Soccer Academy in Uganda.  The Academy will help athletes develop their skills on the field while giving them the tools to live a life of Character, Commitment, and Excellence.  The Academy will also help families in need but providing basic needs to them.

Future Partnerships

AFTN is currently working on partnerships in Honduras and Haiti.  

 If you are interested in having AFTN conduct a sports camp or partnering with us, please contact John HERE