AFTN Elite Training

Athletes For The Nations provides elite level training to athletes of all ages

and skill levels on and off the field in 1on1 and group sessions.

Each session focuses on overall sports performance training such as

footwork, agility, speed, core, and strength training.

Athletes will also receive off the field training such as game strategies,

leadership skills, and goal setting. 

Athletes will also learn how to use the success they have on the field to be significant on their campus, in the community, and also around the world.

Training Session includes:                                                                         Sports:

Dynamic warm-up                                                                                           Football

Speed and Agility                                                                                             Basketball

Strength Training                                                                                             Volleyball

Core                                                                                                                        Soccer

Conditioning                                                                                                       Baseball

Sport Specific Training

If you are interested in our Elite Training please contact John Dutton for more info.