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Welcome To Athletes For The Nations!

Many people strive to achieve a successful life, but the real question is "Are you living a life of significance?" Are you making a difference in the lives of others? It is AFTN’s vision to inspire athletes to transform their success on the field into off the field significance; not only in their community, but in their world as well.


AFTN Elite Training Academy
Siskiyou County Spring Training Camp 2017
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AFTN Elite Training Academy
Football Skills Camp
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AFTN Elite Training Academy
Soccer Skills Spring Training Camp 2017
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Every day almost 6000 children become orphans. Every 6 seconds a child dies of starvation. Every night millions of children go to bed without food, shelter,
and more importantly, a loving hug.

Every minute we have a CHOICE: We can CHOOSE to help care for those orphans, to feed those hungry bellies, and to help those in need.
Or we can CHOOSE to look away.

Please CHOOSE to help by joining ATHLETES FOR THE NATIONS

By joining AFTN you are CHOOSING to bring HELP and HOPE to those in need. You will be able to help the poor, orphaned, and vulnerable here in the U.S. and around the world.


athletes helping people1. Sports Academy: Providing elite level training on and off the field.

athletes helping people2. Equine Division: If you compete in any equine competition, you can become and AFTN Athlete and begin to use your success to help people around the world.

athletes helping people3. Vision Trips AFTN coordinates vision trips to visit and serve people around the world.

athletes helping people4.AFTN Athlete: If you are an athlete of any age, any sport, and any level, you can form your own TEAM with people who will sponsor your achievements during your athletic season.

athletes helping people5. Fundraising Opportunities: Use the AFTN Athlete/Team model to raise money for your team or organization. "Your" athletes will become AFTN Athletes and receive pledges for various on-field achievements. Money raised by your athletes will go to benefit your school or organization.

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